Patti Crawford–Baxter

Physiotherapist/Owner Country Roads Physiotherapy


Gross Motor Development and Brain Function: The Connection Between

What You Will Learn:

  • Exploring the scientific basis of the connection between gross motor development and future cognitive abilities
  • Practical demonstrations of activities that lay the groundwork for future learning
  • Learn to recognize indicators for concern in gross motor development and what steps to take if these are present
  • Exploring how gross motor development in children with autism or neuro motor conditions ( ex: cerebral palsy) differs and how that connects with future learning

Patti’s Biography

Patti Crawford Baxter graduated from the University of Waterloo Kinesiology with a BSC. Kin in 1993 and then BHSc. PT from McMaster University in 1995. She has worked in pediatrics in a physiotherapy role since 1995. She has extensive post secondary courses in Neurological Development in pediatrics as well as coaching sports teams from children age 4 to adult in many sports (gymnastics, field hockey, soccer, swimming, horse backing riding, volleyball and running).

Patti’s professional interests center around how efficient breathing techniques promote functional physical mechanics and how motor planning development in infants and children produces cognitive motor development.

Patti is the owner of Country Roads Physiotherapy in Newtown, NB and 4H organizational leader of Country Meadows 4H club. She keeps busy with her husband, two sons, and their hobby farm consisting of horses, cows, chickens, ducks, game birds, cat and dog.

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